Position Statement

The Word of God is Titus’ governing document and authority for all matters of faith and practice. Titus International, Titus missionaries, staff and Board members hold to the following positions regarding the topics listed below:

Separation [ROM 12:1,2; 1 COR. 5,6; 2 COR. 6; 2 PET 2; JUDE]

Believers are to be separated unto the Lord, which presupposes Biblical [not extreme secondary] separation, plus clear, Christian distinctiveness.
We are to humbly hold to Biblical doctrines and practices, maintaining personal purity and ecclesiastical separation from people, organizations and movements that do not hold orthodox Christian beliefs.
This separation intrinsically involves Biblically exposing false teaching, plus warning those involved in these movements [listed below].
Ideologies/Movements contrary to Titus’ orthodox Christian faith position--Due to quickly evolving cultures, many movements, trends, personality cults, and other groups rise quickly, often re-named. Since the following are totally contrary to Titus’s doctrine and ministry positions, Titus missionaries, administration and staff cannot partner with nor maintain a ministry working relationship with:
Theological Liberalism: denying cardinal doctrines of the faith; use of Higher Criticism; a demythologizing approach to Scripture embracing human reason over Divine Revelation.
Ecumenism: organizational unity of churches and religious organizations, without regard for Biblical Truth. Unity is achieved by joining theological liberals and peoples of other faiths, for ministry outreaches.
Radical Charismatics: churches that major on speaking in tongues [non-spoken, non-translatable languages], the Prosperity Gospel; Spiritism; extra-Biblical revelations, healing ministry.

Human Sexuality [GEN 2:20-25; 19:5,13; 26:8-9; LEV 18:1-30; ROM 1:26-29; 7:2; 1 COR 5:1- 6; 22,23; EPH 5:1 TH 4:1-8; HEB 13:4]

Sexual intimacy between one man [husband] and one woman [wife], united in a Christian marriage/covenant relationship, has always been God’s only plan for humans, and His gift to all mankind.
Any other form or practice of sexual intimacy [homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexuality, bestiality, incest, fornication, adultery and pornography] is immoral before God, being a clear perversion of His plan.
God disapproves of and forbids physically altering one’s gender by either surgery or change of outward appearance to a different sex.

Abortion [JOB 3:16; PS 51:5; 139:14-16; IS 44:24- 49:1; JER 1:5- 20:15-18; LK 1:44]

Since human life begins at conception, the unborn child is a living human.
Abortion is murder--the immoral taking of a human life.
Abortion of pregnancy as the result of rape and incest is murder.
Abortion of pregnancy because of birth defects in the fetus, for birth control, gender selection, population control, or for the physical or mental well-being of the mother, is also murder.

Euthanasia [EX 20:13; 23:7; MT. 5:21; ACTS 17:28]

The intentional taking of any innocent human life is immoral and is murder.
Life is a gift from God and must be respected from conception to grave.
Any act or omission which intentionally results in or causes death, even in order to eliminate human suffering, is contrary to God’s Word and is murder.