Dr. Gerald & Kathy Whitely - US / Romania



Gerald and Kathy Whitely are Titus missionaries-at-large, ministering in Romania and many other needy countries.

Since their ministry began in the 90's, they have facilitated the printing and shipping of over 15 forty-foot shipping containers to Romania. Inside were over 150,000 Bibles; over 150,000 New Testaments; over 150,000 John/Romans; and over 3-million gospel tracts. He has made over 15 ministry trips to Romania and engaged over 200 US believers to minister alongside him and the Romanian believers there.

In addition, "Dr. Gerald" has developed a series of Creation lectures that he has given to over 25,000 students in multiple schools in Cameroon and islands of the Caribbean. The Gospel has sounded forth!

Gerald's goals have always been evangelizing through literature distribution; empowering Nationals to do the same; assisting, training, and encouraging National pastors in every country in which he has ministered.

Gerald and Kathy may be contacted at . If you would like to support their ministry, please contact the Titus Home Office at or call us at 423-867-7079.