Jack and Jeannette Walker - Cuba & Other Spanish Speaking Countries


walkerJack was born April 16, 1939 in Exeter, CA, of parents from East TN who came west during the Great Depression to find work. As the winds of WWII began to blow, Jack's parents sold out and moved back to Chattanooga, TN, During senior year of high school, the Auca event in Ecuador was God's way of confirming His call on Jack's life for missionary service as a mission pilot, with training at Moody Aviation in Chicago.

Between junior and senior year, he married Jeannette his high school sweetheart, also from a strong Chattanooga Christian family, who was majoring in music and languages at Wheaton College. After graduation, Jack and Jeannette applied to and were accepted by Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in Fullerton, CA. Their first child Angela was born Jan. 12, 1963 in Westminister, CA. Five weeks later, Jack and his little family loaded into a new MAF Cessna 180 and headed for Chiapas, Mexico (on the Guatemala border) - Jack's first assignment as a missionary bush pilot.

During the next 10 years, the Walkers would live/serve in a Mayan Indian village in Yucatan, the mountains of southern Mexico, the jungles of Colombia, and Costa Rica. While Jack was airborne on missions of mercy, Jeannette manned the shortwave radio, tracking each jungle flight take-off and landing, plus passing messages. Often she was the "weatherman", looking outside at the tropical storms and giving Jack a report inflight.

At each assignment location, Jack found ways to help and be involved with local national church and community. He taught mechanics to Mayan Bible students, flew government officials including the president of Colombia, thousands of medivac patients, and always had Bibles and Scriptures in local language in the Cessna for distribution.

In 1973, MAF assigned Jack to management at headquarters in Fullerton, CA. The family began worship at nearby church. Jeannette joined the choir, taught piano lessons, was coordinator for Release Time-on-wheels, and traveled throughout Latin America with Jack ... and yes, raised three children; Angela and two younger brothers Mark and David.

In 1974, MAF appointed Jack as Vice President for Latin America ministries, with overall responsibilities for all operational ministries. For the next nine years, he traveled extensively to oversee MAF planes, people and programs in 12 countries and the Caribbean, plus periodic evaluation trips to Africa and Indonesia.

In 1980, MAF moved to Redlands and the Walkers relocated to Yucaipa, with Jack reassigned as Senior VP Development. Jeannette became choir director at Yucaipa Community Church. A few years later, Jeannette graduated from Claremont Grad School with her Master's in Education and taught Spanish at Banning High School for four years.

1991 saw the Walkers complete 30 years with MAF, and feeling a responsibility for their elderly parents, the Lord led them back to Chattanooga. Jack accepted a new mission role: with four Christian businessmen, he founded Leadership Ministries Worldwide (LMW) to create, publish, and distribute the Preacher's Outline & Sermon Bible, along with a series of OUTLINE Bible study materials.

Over the next 14 years, the Lord blessed with almost 2 million copies in print, in 16 languages, and in daily use by God's servants in more than 200 countries worldwide. During these years, Jack created a church leadership training program for national churches, with training workshops in several countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Meanwhile, Jeannette taught high school Spanish at Christian and public schools, plus traveling with Jack to China, Cuba, and other sites.

After a visit to China in 2005, the Walkers felt God's leading to found a new agency (Amazing Grace International) to publish and distribute OUTLINE Bible study materials in China. By June 2009, God has enabled legal publishing of 30,000 New Testament volumes, and distributing to house church leaders in every province... a miracle of God's goodness!

In 2008, after their parents had gone to Glory, Jack and Jeannette felt burdened to live near their adult children and grandchildren, to have a role in their lives, and relocated to Brea, CA.

With completion of the China project, they began seeking the Lord's direction as volunteer Kingdom Servants, with focus in Spanish speaking countries and areas such as Cuba. This led to contact with TITUS International and subsequent, prayerful consideration brought them into full fellowship - to Equip and Empower national church pastors and leaders with verse-by-verse Bible study tools and aiding church planters with leadership training. Jack also provides coaching and assistance with funding programs for ministries and missionaries. Their permanent domicile is Chattanooga, TN.; currently sub-base from Brea, CA - to be near their 3 adult children and grand children growing up.