Vlad & Julia Kozoubovskii - Ukraine



Vlad and Julia Kozoubovskii, and their son Danni, as well as grown daughter Veronika and son Vitali, are Titus missionaries in Ukraine.

Vlad is a fourth-generation Baptist minister. His great-grandfather was an underground pastor who died for his faith in 1937. His grandfather suffered much persecution after WW 2, also as a Baptist pastor. Vlad's father Vitali also had many hard times as pastor of House of Gospel Church in Kiev during the Cold War, prior to Ukrainian independence in 1991.

Kiev Theological Seminary and Appalachian Bible College [WV] trained Vlad for his current ministry. His practical experience came from the local churches that he and Julia served in WV, as well as work as a Prison Chaplain and Hospital Chaplain in WV.

International Slavic Christian College and Appalachian Bible College, as well as much practical, local-church ministry in WV have prepared Julia for her current, valuable ministry alongside Vlad.

Besides evangelism, discipleship and church-planting, the Kozoubovskiis have also started a Bible Institute, as well as a camp/retreat center, Vlad's Extreme Camps and youth ministry, plus Julia's ladies' and kids' ministries.

They may be contacted at . If you would like to support Vlad and Julia or their ministries, please contact the Titus Home Office at and call 423-867-7079.


Bio Sketch of Vlad & Julia Kozoubovskii

I, Vlad Kozoubovskii, was born and raised in a Pastor's home, in Kiev, Ukraine. It was a very godly family and a great testimony of faithfulness, commitment, and serving God, even during the hard times for Christians in USSR.

My great-grandfather was martyred for his faith in Christ and ministry in 1937. My grandfather was persecuted a lot during his life - for being a Christian and a pastor of a Baptist church. My father, Vitali Kozoubovskii, had difficult times during his life and ministry, as he was very active in the ministry as pastor of a Baptist church in Kiev, Ukraine.

My mother, Vera, has been a godly mother and pastor's wife, helping and encouraging him in life and ministry and raising two children - me and my brother Victor.

At the age of 18, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and joined the Baptist Church "Dim Evangelia" through baptism several months later.

From 18 to 20 years of age, I served in the military (Air Force). Since 1991, as I returned home after service, I was seeking for the will and direction of God in my life, as we had some political and social changes in our country - as Ukraine gained independence after events in USSR in August of 1991. Since that time we have freedom and wide-open opportunities for religious activities and ministry in Ukraine.

During the time of my searching for direction from God: I worked as an editor and speaker on "Christian Broadcast of Ukraine" through Trans World Radio in the Ukraine; I was serving in my local church as one of youth leaders; I got married; and I began to attend Kiev's Baptist Theological Seminary (one of the first started in Ukraine after Perestroika) for Pastoral studies.

After two years of study there, I got an opportunity to come to US to receive Bible training in Appalachian Bible College (in Pastoral/Greek).

During the four years of my study in Appalachian Bible College, I was actively involved in:

  • Children's ministry (AWANA) of my local church
  • Nursing home and hospital visitations
  • Prison ministry: for some period of time I was Chaplain in a prison in West Virginia
  • Chaplain work: for one and one-half years I have served as Chaplain in Raleigh General Hospital in Beckley, WV
  • Discipleship projects to help other Christians to grow in the Word of God and developing for the ministry
  • Witnessing about Christ to other people
  • Preaching to Russian / Ukrainian congregations here in US
  • Speaking at Mission Conferences in many different churches of 10 states of US, and preaching in many different churches in 11 states;
  • A Short term Mission trip to an Indian Reservation in Montana to help two church planters there in ministry, construction (I learned from their ministry experience
  • Assistant Pastoring: for the last year I have been an Assistant of Pastor David Mayes in Hilltop Baptist Church (our local church in West Virginia). Pastor David Mayes did a great job to help in my spiritual growth and development/preparation for the ministry in the Ukraine - through discipleship, mentoring, and special sessions of preparing for the ministry of pastor.

My wife, Julia, received her Diploma from International Slavic Christian College in the education studies for teaching children in Sunday and Christian Schools. She has also worked in a Bible Certificate program at Appalachian Bible College.

Julia is looking forward to using the education and experience of the ministry of the local church (Hilltop Baptist Church, attended during the college years) for the glory of God in the Ukraine and making spiritual impact on children, youth, ladies in the local churches in her homeland, Ukraine.

Our two children - Veronika (09/26/94) and Vitali (01/08/97) are a real blessing and gift from God Himself. We enjoy raising them for God, fellowshipping and playing with them. We want to do as much as we can to invest in their lives in the way - that one day - they would continue the work done by their great-grandparents, grandparents, and parents (us) the task of the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20.

Vlad's most favorite verses are : 1Cor 15:10, and 2 Cor 5:14-6:2.

Julia's most favorite verses are : 2 Tim 2:1,2, and John 17:18.


To meet the spiritual needs in the Ukraine by pastoring a church and being involved in the work of evangelism, discipleship and organized structure of church planting. This was never done before during Communism and is just at the beginning stage of development.


We want (and pray) to see the land of Ukraine :

  1. to be evangelized to make disciples of those new converts who will get saved through our ministry, in order that they would continue the task of the Great Commission (Mt. 28:19-20).
  2. have Kiev to become the center of evangelistic outreach for all Ukraine and the former Soviet-bloc and overseas countries through training pastors and church planters and encouraging other churches to be involved in the ministry of reaching Ukraine for Christ.
  3. as the country having some type of structure of being mission-minded and having Fundamental Bible-believing churches working together, committed to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19,20.