Dr. Gerald & Kathy Whitely - US / Romania


whitelyGerald and Kathy Whitely are TITUS International missionaries. Their ministry is called "Reaching Romania." Their goals are:

To evangelize Romanians by taking them Bibles, New Testaments, Scripture portions, and evangelistic literature and to directly distribute these materials free of charge
To teach the Romanians to evangelize their own country
To locate and assist needy Romanian pastors with training, materials, finances and encouragement
To help other fundamental mission organizations with information, resources and shipping assistance
To encourage Americans to become world- conscious of missions needs, opportunities and our tremendous potential as Americans to help meet those needs

A Note from Gerald and Kathy Whitely

Reaching Romania is not a large organization. It is a small group, interested in meeting the needs of folk in Romania and the surrounding areas of Eastern Europe.

Ron Kuhns, the founder of Reaching Romania had been interested in revival in America for many years. Brother Ron had heard of the fervor of the Romanian churches, so when the Romanian revolution took place in the winter of '90, he made plans to go there and see the churches firsthand. Brother Ron and another man from our church went to Romania in May of 1990. He came and told us of Christians who loved the Lord fervently and were willing to "put their lives on the line" for what they believed in!

Well that interested us! Within a month the Lord had provided the money for the Whitely's to visit Romania. Brother Ron had told us that most people in Romania did not have a Bible, so I began to search for some place to buy Romanian Scriptures. I found a Mennonite group in Ephrata, Pennsylvania who had Romanian New Testaments for two dollars each. When folks at our church found out what we were doing, they wanted to help. We ended up with 225 hardbound New Testaments packed in a large duffel bag. What a blessing to take these gifts from our church to searching souls in Romania!

When we arrived in Braila, Romania we worked with Romanian Christians on their little village church building. At the end of the first day, we cleaned ourselves up and began to hand out our New Testaments. We handed them all out in less than five minutes! What a heart-stirring experience! It was then and there that the Lord burdened us to ship a larger supply of Scriptures to Romania.

That November our first 40-foot container was shipped from Chattanooga, Tennessee loaded with 15,000 New Testaments! Since that first trailer, we have shipped a total of fifteen 40-foot trailers to Romania containing 135,000 New Testaments, 130,000 John/Romans and 3-million gospel tracts. We have made 8 trips and taken 140 Americans with us to hand out the literature. Praise the Lord for many hundreds of souls that have been saved since that first trip!

As you can see from our introduction, the Lord has given us five goals to fulfill:

Evangelizing through literature distribution
Encouraging Romanians to do the same
Identifying and helping Romanian pastors who have a heart to build God's kingdom and not their own
Shipping with, and for, other fundamental organizations
Stirring churches in America to become world conscious

Will you help us in our mission? Will you pray; will you go; will you give? We are faced with a tremendous opportunity that the Lord has provided! But this door of opportunity will not remain open forever. We must be busy about our Father's work, while we can. "…the night cometh, when no man can work" (John 9:4).