Dale & Anabelle Barkubein - The Philippines



Dale and Annabelle Barkubein, along with their daughter Daeana, are Titus missionaries serving in the Philippines. The story of how God led them to Philippines is a missions story itself, filled with God-sightings.

Dale's heart for missions goes back to his days at Pensacola Christian College in FL. After finishing school, he moved to Chattanooga and began working with a mission board here. That board later moved to TX, but Dale and his first wife stayed to minister in their home church.

After Dale's wife died in an auto accident, he began traveling all over the world, doing construction-evangelism on mission fields. That's how he first met Annabelle, while he was on a missions trip to N. Philippines. Dale shared the Gospel with her, she professed faith in Christ, and he began to disciple her.

About a year later, on his next missions trip to Philippines, they met again, and began to realize that the Lord was joining their hearts. Not long after, they were married and Annabelle was able to move to the US. They served God faithfully, again in their home church Grace Baptist.

Shortly after, Dale went back to the Philippines on a missions trip. His eyes were opened to the dire physical and spiritual needs of the Filipino people. He was searching for God's leading and opportunities for permanent missionary ministry there, and the Lord showed him.

After much prayer and Annabelle's inner struggles with returning to her impoverished homeland, the Lord joined their hearts again--this time for missions and for the Filipino people. After the Lord provided their needed support, Dale, Annabelle and their young daughter Daeana settled in N. Philippines for life-long ministry, where they remain to this day. [They were Titus' first presence in Philippines.]

They have established and nationalized Filipino churches and Gospel ministries in the lowlands near San Fernand, and in the high mountains near Bauggio. Evangelism, discipleship, church planting, training Filipino pastors, women's and children's ministries, and humanitarian work with the homeless--the Barkubeins' ministries of compassion in N. Philippines.

The Barkubeins may be contacted at . If you would like to support them or their ministries, please contact the Titus Home Office at or 423-867-7079.



Since coming to know Christ as my saviour I have a heart for missions. Not knowing God's plan or the path He would lead me through, I was leaning on Him to guide me daily.

While in college at Pensacola Christian College, God opened an opportunity to work with a newly established mission board in Chattanooga. Upon graduation I moved to Chatt. and began my ministry with the board as financial manager.

God allowed me to recieve gainful employment at Tennessee Temple University in maintenance. Later the mission board moved to Texas and I stayed in Chatt. as I was married and had established a business there.

God opened the doors to move my employment to Grace Baptist Academy where I met Dave, Alice and Andy Marcum.

The Lord took my wife home to be with Him so I traveled extensively on short term missions trips with different groups and on my own.

On one of these trips I met Anabelle. We were married in May. Over Christmas I went to the Philippines and my eyes were opened to the dire need both physically and, more importantly, spiritually of the Filipino people.

By God's grace I was able to obtain permission from the U. S. Immigration Service to bring my wife, Anabelle, to make her home with me in the U. S.

Daeana was born.

Brought another trip to Anabelle's homeland to search for God's leading and opportunity for a permanent ministry.

I hurt my back so continuing physical labor was painful.

After much prayer, we applied to TITUS to be missionaries to the Philippines. We were accepted in December. We can see God's leading in the paths where He wants us and will continue to trust Him in the future.

I was born and grew up in the Philippines. I was the second of four children. My dad was a college professor at a university where all four of us finished our bachelors degrees. It was difficult for us having only one person supporting us as we went through college. But with the Lord's blessing we made it through difficult times in poverty.

My whole family was Roman Catholic and very much involved in the church. But I always felt that something was wrong in my life. I got saved shortly after I met Dale. The Lord sent a person to show me the need for a saviour and also a wonderful husband.

When Dale first told me about his passion for missions I was hesitant. I thought to myself, "why would I want to go back to where I was in an impoverished country when I am here in the U.S. doing great. I have all the things I want, living the 'American Dream.' I never dreamed about being a missionary." But as I built a relationship with the Lord, I began to see how selfish I was. He has blessed me so much. I realized that God put me here and blessed me with things for a reason. I need to share my blessings.

I therefore wish to go back and help my people not only with their physical needs but their spiritual needs also.

Daeana Joy
At Awana one night I was listening to Mr. Ed Dunlop. He was talking about getting saved. At the end he said, "We will sing a song and if you are not saved you should go to the back. A leader will talk to you about getting saved." Then it struck my heart that I should go to the back. So I went to the back and that night when my mom came to pick me up I told her that I got saved. The end and that is how I got saved. And although I am excited I am also sad because I will miss my friends but I am still excited because I will be meeting new friends and sharing my faith with them. And that is my testimony.

Our vision is to share the love of Christ and His word with a Filipino culture steeped in Catholism and supersition. Building relationships with those God puts in our path to free them by His grace from the bondage Satan has on their lives by helping in a small way with their physical needs opening their ears and hearts to their true need which is SPIRITUAL.