Welcome to—a free evangelistic/discipleship tool made available to you and your church from TITUS International!

One of our missionaries developed the site as a tool for use in his ministry. At his request, we are privileged to share it with local churches and Christians. It is designed to support and supplement your efforts to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Before you enter the website, this brief overview will help you understand exactly how to use the website for its intended purpose. (You may want to save or print this information before you continue to the site.)



First, the website is distinctively Bible-based, Christ-centered and disciple-oriented.

It focuses on pointing people to Jesus Christ for salvation—and to an ongoing life lived in submission to Him. The core teaching components of the site are all purposefully focused on Jesus Christ and come straight from the pages of the Bible (KJV). Following is a brief description of the content of the site:

1. Investigate the Claims of Christ provides a basic explanation of the gospel. It examines six amazing statements of Jesus Christ taken straight from Scripture. These claims powerfully present the gospel of Jesus in His own words!

2. Walking with Christ through the Gospel of John provides opportunity for an ongoing study of Christ and His message. This chapter-by-chapter study of John's gospel is filled with thoughtful illustrations, evangelistic commentary and practical questions. Reinforcing both evangelistic and discipleship themes, it can be used as both an evangelistic study and as a basic discipleship course.

3. Personal testimonies of Christians are featured in Experience Christ in the lives of His followers. This section will continually be under development and we welcome your testimonies. Please Email interesting salvation stories to Titus.

4. Are you ready to follow Jesus Christ? is a compelling call to believe the gospel and accept Jesus Christ as Savior.

5. Your First Steps with Jesus Christ lays the foundation of authentic discipleship. This study provides an overview of four vital relationships for the new Christian:
a. Obedience to Christ
b. Fellowship with other believers
c. Testimony before the lost world
d. Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

These Bible-based teachings start the new convert on the path of discipleship and reinforce the primary role of the local church.

6. Resources for helping others follow after Christ contains promotional materials that the Christian can use to share their faith with others.



Second, the website is intended to be used by individual Christians to supplement their personal evangelism and strengthen their local churches.

The goal was not to create a site that is "stumbled upon" by those randomly surfing the internet. Ideally, visitors should be personally directed to the website by a Christian. The evangelistic material on the site is designed to support and supplement an ongoing spiritual discussion between a Christian and an unbeliever. This website is a tool for believers to use in personal evangelism—not a substitute!

Consequently, the website complements and enhances the ministry of the local church whose members use it. When a believer uses the site to personally reach out to the lost, they become a natural bridge between the unbeliever and their church. With this important personal connection, the website becomes an effective instrument for sharing Christ—and building the church.



Third, the website is intentionally simple in its design and use.

The website is self explanatory to any Christian familiar with the internet. Here are a few practical suggestions about using the site to reach others for Christ.

1. Follow the enclosed link to the site. Take time to familiarize yourself with the information on the site.

2. Download some of the promotional materials to use in your personal ministry. Under Resources for helping others follow after Christ, you will find professionally designed tracts/promotional cards. Download one of the business cards and save to your computer.

3. To print, take the print-ready file to a local printer or upload it to a web-based company.

4. Give out the cards wherever you go. These simple cards accomplish three very important things:
a. The cards help you initiate a spiritual discussion with unbelievers.
b. The cards direct the recipient to the website for additional information about Christ. Instead of leaving someone with a short gospel tract, you give them a website full of evangelistic content. They can access this information in the privacy of their home or office.
c. The cards give them the opportunity to continue the discussion with you. Write your name, email and phone number on the back of the card and tell them to contact you if they have any questions after visiting the site.

5. Print any of the other materials on the site for use in personal or group studies with those you are seeking to win to Christ. (You could just print what you need as you need it on your personal printer.)

6. Share this information about the website with the pastor and leadership of your church.

7. Publicize the site in your church services and church bulletin. Perhaps the church might consider printing some of the promotional cards for the members to distribute.

8. Help us expand and revise the site. Your suggestions and contributions that point others towards Christ are welcomed and needed. (We especially need salvation testimonies.) Email us your ideas and stories.



Finally, if the website helps you reach others, would you help us reach the world?

The site is available for churches and Christians to use without restriction or cost. Use it. Send people to it. Print and distribute its content. Encourage others to do the same. It is a spiritual tool for reaching others with the gospel—not a money-making commercial venture.

If the website increases and enhances your burden to reach the lost, you might consider helping us reach the last frontier of modern missions. 10/40 NOW! is a TITUS ministry to the 10/40 window, led by the creator of the website. This vast portion of the globe, stretching from North Africa to Asia, is home to 95% of the world's unreached people. Many of these nations are restricted to traditional missionary work. Your gift to the 10/40 Foundation of TITUS will support the training and sending of national workers to these very countries. Visit About us on the website and make a donation online if the Lord leads you. 

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