Jiwan Crawford



Jiwan Crawford was named by his parents at birth, based upon a traditional country name from boys in his home country, plus the family name of the missionaries who had evangelized and trained his family, who lived in a previously unreached portion of that country.

After immigrating to the US, Jiwan got his education to teach, then spent most of his life challenging American students, many of whom were physically challenged.
Upon retirement, he returned to his home country to minister.

Jiwan's multi-faceted ministries include evangelism, discipleship, Bible training, church-planting, children's ministry of various kinds, and a broad spectrum of women's rescue ministries.

If you would like to donate to any of his ministries, see our donor information on the home page and follow the link to designate your gift.

While serving in a limited-access country, Jiwan invites email contact from anyone who may have questions about his Ministry or would like more information on how to serve.