The Reluctant Visitor

StoriesReluctantGerald Ziemer, Romania

When Gigi Utica drowned and our church reached out to his family, the Lord was glorified through the "good works" people saw God doing through us. (Matthew 5:16).

In the days before the discovery of Gigi's body in the lake, many people, including television reporters came to the lakeside, some to help, some out of curiosity. One man came to see "this American" who hired the diver, his name is Peter Nastase.

Peter and Mariana Nastase have two sons, Cosmin and Florin. The sons, invited by the Utica children, began attending church and the youth activities. After a Sunday youth meeting, Cosmin prayed with Radu Stoica to receive Christ. In his words, he said he felt like he was "floating on air" as he skipped home. One of the other teens asked him if he was scared to go home (because his mom would punish him for "betraying his religion." He was so happy and excited that he didn't care,. He bounded in the door, grabbed his mom in a big hug and said "Momma, I got saved!"

Roxana Utica was working for the Nastase family, and began telling them about the "repenters church" they were going to, and the change that God had made in their lives. She invited them to come as well. Mariana came and met Christ. As a church on Thursday nights we have prayer meeting. We placed Peter's name on the list for prayer.

Easter Sunday came and it was raining in Fundulea. It is about two miles from their house to the church. Florin asked Peter to drive them to church. Peter thought that Mariana had sent the son to ask. He agreed to take them, but told them repeatedly, "I'll take you and drop you off, but I am not going in!" When they arrived at church I was outside, and saw them pull up. I realized who was in the car and approached to greet them.

Peter rolled the window down and I introduced myself, and said, "Your wife and sons and I have been praying for you to come to church, wouldn't you like to come today?" He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Sure." He turned his car around, parked, and came inside. Peter got saved that day and was later elected our first deacon of Hope Baptist Church in Fundulea.

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