Out of the blue—in the Philippines!

By missionary Tom Dennison

After teaching Sunday school, I was waiting for the next service. A 12-year-old girl that I know from the school walked up to me and said, "I'm not really a Christian—I'm a Catholic". I asked her some questions to see where she was spiritually and discovered she had no recollection of ever trusting Christ as her Savior. She only knew she had been baptized Catholic.

Of course I shared the simple gospel with her there in the church courtyard. I told her no one can "make" her Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu or anything. You decide to be a follower of Christ, or not. Fifteen minutes later we were sitting on the steps while she prayed to receive Christ. I see her from time to time in school and try to get her going on her own daily time with the Lord. Pray for Teresita to grow leaps and bounds in her new found life in Christ.

I certainly never expected someone to walk up to me and basically say, witness to me!

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