Mohamed Musa of Cameroon and the American professor

By missionary Gerald Whitely

I was sitting at Ben Sinclair's house in Bambilli in the Northwest Region in Cameroon last November. Ben's cell phone rang and he spoke for some few moments. When he hung up, he said that Mohamed Musa was coming over to greet "the professor". Although I am not very important here in Ringgold, Georgia, I am someone very special there in Cameroon! God had given me so many opportunities to reach out with the creation evolution controversy. Most young people in Cameroon have a "form" of religion. Although they may say that they are Christians, few are truly born again. They do, however, believe what the Bible says. The topic of origins is a hot topic and I have many opportunities to give PowerPoint lectures and show my replica fossils. The public schools are wide open to the preaching of salvation. I was able to speak in 12 high schools, colleges, and universities to almost 3,000 students. What an opportunity!

Mohamed works for Heifer International, a group that helps to establish cattle herds in third world countries. As usual, Mohamed Musa was interested in me as a contact from America. Regrettably, some Cameroonians see us as meal tickets or visa sponsors. But as he walked several miles just to visit with me, I knew his most important need was not a good contact. His most important need was a relationship with Jesus Christ. I was glad to entertain Mohamed and gave him a few books, but more importantly, I shared with him the real reason that I was in Cameroon. He may or may not have understood it, but I tried to make him understand the importance of salvation through Jesus and the eternal choices that lay ahead of him.

Pray for Mohamed Musa and for hundreds like him who need the Lord Jesus Christ. Many in Cameroon have AIDS and most are trapped in poverty. How sad for them to suffer in this life and then to face eternal punishment in the life that is to come. What a comfort to know Jesus Christ as Savior! To know Christ, is to know life everlasting. Pray as I go to other countries that there will be an openness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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