A slice of life in Ukraine

(Adapted from missionary Miki Funakoshi's journal)

12/30/10 What an adventure we had yesterday at evangelistic meeting! It takes 2 hours from Odessa to get there. We had very snowy and icy road, and on the way the car fell into the ditch, we pushed the car, but couldn't get it out for a long time. But even with all the problems God really blessed the meeting. We came back safely at 1 a.m. Praise the Lord!

stories05We had 80 unsaved people, and 20 Christians worked together as a team. Praise the Lord!

1/1/11 We had a wonderful New Year's party with church family. We ate lots of food, played together, watched fireworks, gave testimonies, and prayed together. We finished at 4:30 a.m. I think we need to sleep for Sunday's preparation.

1/7/11 (Christmas day in Ukraine) Praise the Lord! We had about 90 people for special Christmas today! We had drama (adults, kids), special songs, and Bible message. Everything went well. Thank you all for your prayers. Thank God for our people who worked very hard. We really hope all the unsaved people who came today will know Christ. Thank you all for prayers.

1/17/11 I am so frustrated! Our telephone and internet have not worked for 6 days. Every day we call the company, but they just don't do anything with it. (I am doing E-mail at a different place now.) Please pray so that it will work.....

1/21/11 Finally, our telephone and internet were fixed today! It was a hard time without internet for more than 10 days. Thank God and thank you all for your prayers.

1/24/11 We had many sick people, but had a wonderful Sunday. Masato preached about "Training our children with Biblical principles." It is a really big issue here, too. But it was a blessing to see our Sunday school kids. No one told them to do it and without knowing what Masato taught in the service, right after their Sunday class, the kids cleaned very heavy snow for everybody. They did it because of their own desire!

1/29/11 We have Sunday school teacher's seminar tomorrow. We have 8 Ukrainian teachers who all have children. We really want them to understand how important it is to train your child with Biblical principles. The seminar lasts 5 hours. We have a special speaker, a friend of ours, Bro. Chris. We are really looking forward to it.

1/30/11 It went very well! Our Sunday school teachers learned so many important things today. As always, we deeply appreciate all of you who pray for us and give to our ministry.

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