Blessings of God in Moldova

By missionary Loreen Ittermann

Kola and I went to see a lady yesterday named Olga who is part Jewish. I had taught her in the Bible College 15 years ago when I first came to Chisinau, Moldova to live. Since Kola and I are working with the Jewish people in this area, we knew Olga would have some good Jewish contacts with whom we could connect and hopefully help in a tangible way. We had a pleasant conversation as we enjoyed sipping tea and crunching on tasty cookies.

While we were discussing possible Jewish contacts, we got an idea: How about asking Olga to be our Coordinator of Jewish Ministry here in Moldova? We asked if she would like the position and be added to our payroll. She was speechless! Then she explained: "I'm a pensioner and the government is not helping us much at all; I don't have enough money to pay for my utilities; in fact, I had to sell my washing machine to pay my past debts. With no money left to pay for this month's utilities I was thinking of what else I had available to sell. While praying about this need, I felt impressed of God to pray Psalm 23 until He answered my prayer. Then you came and brought me His answer. What a great God we serve! I was totally helpless, but He is never without resources."

Well, my dear friends, you can imagine what a blessing this was to Kola and me, especially since it was a Jewish blessing from one of God's special people. If God could care for this dear lady in such an amazing way, what have we to fear even as we experience our own set of economic woes?

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