News from Azerbaijan

By Agshin and Ena, church planters in Azerbaijann

Hallelujah! God is great! He began His work here in Azerbaijan and gives us confidence that He will continue the work. We are thankful to those who are supporting this ministry. May God bless them for their sacrifice in order that we may reach the Azeri people for Christ.

We are so happy to serve God in our new situation. God gives us so many opportunities to witness. Agshin always tells people about Christ. They are interested why a Muslim became a Christian. Once he witnessed to some men at a funeral service. Once he came home at 3.00 AM because he talked about Jesus with a shop owner in the neighborhood.

Agshin started a Bible study with four men. Three of them want to be baptized. They meet once or twice a week and read the Bible and discuss many themes. These men are really interested and they have many questions. Their wives want to come too. All of them have little babies. We try to visit them at their homes so the women can have a Bible study, too.

My dream is coming true as well. I wanted to have a class to train Sunday school teachers as none of the churches in our town has a good Sunday school program and trained teachers. Now teachers from 3 churches are coming to my sessions. We prepared lessons together and learn how to develop good lessons. We are thankful to God we can have this fellowship.

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